Kit Kat Bakes Cheesecake


Have you ever heard of Kit Kats that you can bake? I was pretty amazed after I saw a video about it and I wanted to try so bad!
Unfortunately, I couldn't find them while I was in Hong Kong last year.
but... my aunt found them in Japan! 

The package has a different style than the regular ones. Actually I have no idea what is written on the package. But let's move on to the backing part.

 I preheated the oven and unpacked the Kit Kats.
Then put them in the oven and waited a little bit too long. Nonetheless they still taste amazing! With a cheesecake taste and it's crispy and creamy texture, I would recommend this to anyone who loves cookies and chocolate.

*Note |: They are hot, don't rush and touch them with your fingers.
*Note ||: WATCH THEM, they get burnt real fast.

Hope you enjoyed this review,
Much love, Stephy.

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