The Sesame Rolls


 The sesame roll is a dimsum dessert from Hong Kong. These are sweet and have a smooth and soft texture. Since I could not find a restaurant where you can order this dessert I decided to share a super easy recipe. 

Time preparation: 10 min
Time cooking: 3 min per roll 

1‣ 30 gram Sesame powder (very important that it is powder)
2‣ 15 gram White rice flour
3‣ 80 gram (Cane) sugar
4‣ 250 gram Water 
580 gram Pure water chestnut powder

A: Preparations 
Step 1) Put number 1, 2 and 3 together and mix it well. 
Step 2) Slowly add 100 gram(I repeat only 100 gram) water to it.
Step 3) Take another bowl and add number 5 and mix it with the remaining water
Step 4) Pour the mixture of step 3 in a stainer and let it drain, repeat this step with the mixture of step 2 as well.
Step 5) Add the two liquid mixtures together 

B: Cooking
Step 1) Spray your aluminum tray with non-stick oil.
Step 2) Add a thin layer in your aluminum tray.
Step 3) Steam it for 3 minutes (til it turned to one sticky sheet).
Step 4) Let it cool down for a few seconds and try to roll it (see picture)
Step 5) Cut and serve as you wish,

Hope you like this super easy recipe and enjoy the sweet taste of sesam!
Lots of love, Stephy 

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