The Sponge Cake


Who doesn't love cake? Especially those fluffy and spongy cakes!
This cake isn't difficult to make but it requires some patience. Scroll to the end of the blog for a video.

‣7 eggs
‣160 gram sugar
‣160 gram regular flour
‣1 teaspoon baking powder
‣7 spoons of oil 
‣1 bag of vanilla sugar
‣pinch of salt

first Split the egg white and yolks.

Preparation part egg whites:
1) Add a pinch of salt and mix
2) Add sugar and vanilla sugar (add in about three parts so it will mix well with the egg whites)
Once step 2 is added, mix it till the egg whites are stiff.
(Turn the bowl upside down and if it is stiff enough it wouldn't fall out.)

Preparation part egg yolks:
1) Add 7 spoons of oil to the yolks
2) Sift the flour and baking powder into the yolks (to prevent clumps)
3) Mix, and when the mixture isn't smooth add milk and mix again. It should be about 100 ml of milk to get the mixture smooth. 

Now you're done with both of them, preheat the oven and put the empty mold in it.

Mixing both mixtures into one mixture:
This step isn't difficult, yet when you mess up this part the whole cake won't turn out fluffy and spongy.


Carefully add a little bit of the whites to the yellow (WHITE TO YELLOW!) 
don't stir the mixture because it will get the air out of the cake. Just carefully flip it, it requires quite a lot of patient.

When both mixtures are mixed in one bowl, take out the preheated mold and put your mixture in it.

Bake: 150 degrees for about 45 minutes. (Keep in mind that every oven is different.)

After 45 minutes it should be done but as I mentioned it above, every oven is different. So how do you know when your cake is done?

Don't take out the cake but open the oven. (be careful!) Use a skewer and simply poke in the cake. (ofcourse on a place no one notices.) Take out the skewer and if it's clear, then it means the cake is done. And if not... bake it for another 5 minutes and it should be done. 

a lot of love, Stephy.

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