Azuma Nattō


So first of all, I love trying new things and this thing here wasn't what I thought it would be..
I was looking for some mango icecream when I saw a sign where 'NEW' was written on it.
And it was this cute little package. I thought it was some sort of icecream because it was in the icecream section. But let me introduce you: Azuma Nattō. 

What is Natto? Nattō is a Japanese food made from soybeans. Though I like soy milk etc. this was something on the next level! Once I opened the package, I smelled a strong scent of coffee. The package comes with two different sauces which I have no idea what sauces they were. But once tasted like wasabi or something. 
I mixed the sauces in the beans... and it turns out more mucous than it was already!
To be honest these beans were fun because of the slimy texture but in my opinion they tasted horrible. I would not recommend it especially if you thought this was icecream!

Have you ever had Nattō? And if not, would you like to try it?
Much love, Stephy

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