Black Sesam Ice cream (5Min)


 Black Sesam Ice cream is my second favorite ice cream flavor. It is an unusual Japanese flavor which became super popular around the world. It smells super good and it taste is so smooth. As I said it is an unusual flavor but definitely worth the try! (Can't describe the taste) This ice cream is sold in many asian supermarkets and served in many all-you-can-eat restaurants. But what is even better than buying the black sesam ice cream?  Making your own black sesam ice cream of course!!

Here is an easy recipe:

Preparation time: 5 min
Freezing time: 5/6 hours

Note: Some recommended the dutch names of the ingredients. So I will put that in the brackets.

‣300 gr Heavy cream (Ongeklopte slagroom)
‣6 tbsp Roasted Black sesam powder (Zwarte sesame poeder)
‣1/2 tbsp Vanilla aroma (Vanille aroma)
‣1/2 can Sweetened condensed milk (Gecondenseerde melk)

(SHAME ON ME! I already eat from it before taking a picture!)
Step 1: Put the heavy cream in a big bowl and start whisking it. Do not make it stiff like you will do usual. Whisk it till it is around 60% done. That means the heavy cream should be doubled in size and should be like thick liquid. (NOT STIFF)
Step 2: Put the rest of the ingredients in the same bowl and mix it together.
For sweeter ice cream: Add more condensed milk
There you have it! The last thing it is to put it in a resealable container and freeze it for at least 5 hours.

Hope you all will enjoy the Black Sesam Ice cream as much as I do!
Much love 
xoxo, Stephy

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