Fancy & Effortless dinner


I am that kind of person who is lazy but loves fancy dinners! I wanted a super-deluxe dinner with some seafood, steak and some side dishes! Let's start with a super huge Portobello mushroom filled with bacon and onions.

I actually love cheese, So I added some cheese on top and put it in the oven. 

Ofcourse fancy dinners should include seafood! These oysters are super huge!! I found these at the local market. 
I decided to make grilled oven oysters with two different toppings. The first four oysters are prepared with cheese and butter, the next four are prepared with spicy garlic and butter.
I also made mashed potatoes. The regular recipe uses milk to smoothen the potatoes but instead of milk I used cream. You probably wonder why I used cream; Cream and milk both will makes the texture of the potatoes smooth and silk but in my opinion milk has a major smell and cream does not have it. I put the mashed potatoes under the oysters to make it looks fancier. 
Some salad with my all time favorite Kempo sesam sauce. If that was not fancy enough, I've got a peppersteak with pepper cream sauce on my plate and ofcourse we need to serve it with a great red wine.
YUM! -salivating already?-

Or make it a one person meal with only oysters and mashed potatoes! It looks cute right?

Much love, Stephy. 

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