Tasty Tofu


Tofu is probably the most boring food ever! It's is made of soybeans and apparently super healthy. Since this Tofu thing is super healthy let's play with it and have some TofuN!
The first dish is made with Silky Tofu. I added a little spoon of minced meat at the Tofu and to make it a bit more colorful I added Masago. I let it steam for a while and made a sweet and salty sauce and covered it up the Tofu! 
The next dish is made with To Fu Pok (also known as Tofu puff). This Tofu is deep fried until the core is airy, it's like a little spongy. I sliced these To Fu Pok in half and added minced meat (which I added some scallion and mushrooms through). 

And for this dish I wanted to fry the deep fried To Fu Pok. (Fry the deep fried To Fu Pok..)
I fried these to make the outside of these little balls crunchy. It can be served without sauce but I added sauce on top because I thought it would be a little dry without! And last but not least I garnished it with scallions.

I hope this inspired to have some food fun with simply and boring ingredients!
Have some food (To)fun.
Much love, Stephy.

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