Nutella-Peanut butter French Toast


First of all I want to apologize for not posting a post these past two weeks. I was really busy with things as school and driving lessons (But I passed my drivers test!). 

I will make it up with you with this heavenly, mouthwatering and delicate post.
No more boring brunches and for those who love to party, This is an amazing cure for your hangover! #HashtagByebyeHangover!
Let's move on to the Nutella-Peanut butter French Toast! 

For each toast you'll need:
Two slices of bread
Beaten egg
Nutella of Peanut butter (OR BOTH)
Oil (To deep-fry your toast)

Spread the bread with Nutella or Peanut butter on one side of one slice. And spread butter on one side of the second slice. Once thats done you can start beating the eggs up. I put the two slices together and sliced the sandwich/bread in tiny squares but you can leave it as big as you want. The next step is to soak your bread in the beaten eggs. Then carefully deep-fry your bread!

And there you have the Nutella-Peanut butter French Toast! 

I also had an amazing Korean drink; Gabunomi. I did not know what is was but I assumed it was something with a melon flavor. As you might have noticed there is a cherry and something that looks like ice cream next to it. AND GUESS WHAT, It really does taste like a mix of melon, vanilla ice cream and a sparkle of cherry! I totally didn't expect this drink to be soooooo delicious! 

This was a well-deserved brunch after weeks of stress! 

I hope you enjoyed today's post and have an amazing day lovies! 

xo Stephy

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