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Ramen burger? Ramen fries? NO it is even better.. RAMEN PIZZA! "Wait what? Ramen Pizza? How is that even possible?"  It is actually Ramen that taste like Pizza, or is it the Pizza that taste like Ramen? Some said I ruined the Ramen (Asian parents) but even my picky brother said it tasted amazing! With the taste of Pizza on crust made of Ramen!
I will show you how I made this:

‣Pizza sauce (Chose wisely, the taste depends on this sauce)
‣Grated Cheese
‣Peperoni/Salami, Pineapple or any toppings of your choice 

Step 1: Get the ingredients you need
Step 2: Carefully split the Ramen in two thin slices (be careful, this is really hard)
Step 3: Soak ONLY one side of each slice of Ramen in the sauce. 
Step 4: Put two to three spoons of the leftover sauce on top of the Ramen to make it more creamy.
Step 5: Put cheese and any toppings of your choice!

I put the pizza's in maximum heat and waited til it looked good for me. Keep an eye out because no one wants a burned pizza. I made a kind of Pizza Hawaii with the salami and pineapple on top. But be sure to put a lot of grated cheese. Because I only soaked one side of the Ramen it was crunchy on the bottom and soft in the inside. Soft and crunchy ramen, Perfection. 

And to make it more pizza-a-like I cut them in triangles! I posted this on snapchat yesterday. For sneakpeaks follow me on snapchat: Cheekymonkeyx

Enjoy this super easy and delicious midnight snack. 

Much love, Stephy

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