Custard Chunky Mooncake | Mid-autumn Festival series


Hello fellow foodies!
It is obvious what this post is all abouuuut! MOONCAKES!
I have had home made Mooncakes from my aunty before but I never made Mooncakes myself!
I did not made normal Mooncakes because.. ya know me, I like it a bit more special.
These are Mooncakes with Custard and chunks of egg yolk inside. 

These were a big part of the Mooncakes, the molds! 

As you can see this is how it looked like after they came out of the molds. AND YES that is Hello Kitty! I also have a bear and rose mold!
Just because it is a traditional festival I have also got these molds with the Chinese word for 'luck'.

It is almost Mid-autumn Festival, Do you celebrate it? 

Much love and a happy and lovely Mid-autumn Festival. 


EN homemade

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