Matcha Green Tea Snowskin Mooncake | Mid-autumn Festival series


This is the last post related to the Mid-autumn 
Festival, I PROMISE!

I do not really need to explain what Mid-autumn is right, do I? If this is your first time reading this and you wonder what Mid-autumn Festival is click here.
This time I made the Matcha (Green Tea) Snowskin Mooncake with also custard filing. This time I used less wheat starch and more rice flour. This made the Snowskin more chewy and sticky which was in my opinion perfect. 
The Snowskin got perfectly around the filling. 
This is how it looks like when it sliced open. With the first bite of this Mooncake, you will taste the strong scent of Matcha (Green Tea). The custard filling has such a smooth texture that it immediately melts in your mouth. Keep in mind, the custard filling is not even ice cream! Just frozen pudding (As I call it).

And this was a super short blog but if you want to check out the other Mooncakes in my Mid-autumn Festival series:
Click here for or the Custard Chunky Mooncake.
Click here for the Snowskin Crystal Mooncake.

Which one do you want to try?
Much love xo Stephy

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