Snowskin Crystal Mooncake | Mid-autumn Festival series


Last week I posted a post about the Custard Chunky eggyolk Mooncake. And today I have another different kind of Mooncake and of course it is not the original one. But first let me tell you something about Mid-autumn Festival as I have not told you last week.

Mid-autumn Festival is celebrated in China, Taiwan and Vietnam. It is a harvest festival because the biggest harvest happens at this time of the year! It is celebrated during the Mid-autumn fullmoon! That's why we call these: "Mooncakes". Throughout the years Mooncakes got new colors, new taste but the original moon cake is still loved by many. It became a tradition to share Mooncakes with your loved ones. It says the roundness of the Mooncakes symbolizes completeness. (I never knew this either)

This Mooncake does this mouthwatering effect in your mouth. Like really. It is melting down. This is because it is a frozen Mooncake. Snowskin Mooncake isn't exactly made of ice cream. Yet it melts! 
The inside is made of custard like last weeks Mooncake. The texture when it is frozen, is like ice cream, it does melt but it is chewy because of the snow skin. The skin is made of rice flour, rice powder, wheat starch etc. I wanted to make green tea Snowskin Mooncake... but unfortunately I bought the wrong green tea powder. 

Hope you enjoyed reading about this Mooncake! Want to see my other creation of the Mooncake? here's the link of the Custard chunky eggyolk Mooncake! 

Much love, Stephy


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