Cream Soda Watermelon Steamed Cakes


POW! Did that pop in your mind when you see these?
Cupcakes often has a smooth surface with most of the times a fancy decorating on top. These cakes needs ZERO decorating skills. All you need to do is make the batter and scoop them in the cupcake moulds! Let's get right into it, shall we? 

Ingredients for 9 cakes:
2         Egg
200GR Sugar 
125ML Cream Soda
1Tbsp  Emulsifier 
1Tbsp  Vanilla Extract 
200GR Plain flour
Green food coloring
Red food coloring


Prepare the steamer until it is boiling.

1) Beat the eggs, sugar, cream soda, emulsifier and vanilla extract together using a high speed mode until it is slightly thick. 
2) Add flour while using slow speed mode until batter is very thick

3) Divide your batter in three bowls and start mixing the color you want. (You'll need more red, less green and even less white.)

Now your colored batter is done, you can start pouring them into the cupcakes. 
1) Start with pouring the red til you filled about 80% of the cupcake mould. 
2) Pour one tbsp of white batter only in the center (no need to spread out)

3) Fill with green batter. 
4) Use a toothpick and green food coloring to make the green lines as in the picture above. 

5) Time to steam! Steam them on high fire for 15 minutes!

TIP: Cover the steamer lid with a napkin cloth to prevent the water drip in the cakes.

I would love to make them again because they are so easy to make. They taste amazingly sweet and are so fluffy! Make them for your kids or anyone else and they will surprised for sure! 

Happy cooking and enjoy the cakes! 

Much love, Stephy

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