Japanese Cheese Tart


Whether you like it hot or prefer it cold, it is all possible with this Japanese Cheese Tart!
The pastry is a cookie crust and to make it the-ultimate-nomnom-feeling in your mouth, this crust is double baked! I had to share this recipe because there are no specific shops in Europe that sells these Japanese Cheese Tarts. 
As I mentioned before, the crust is a cookie crust and it also double baked for a more crunchier effect.
This recipe is for 12 tarts.

What you will need for the crust:
180gr Plain flour
20gr   Corn flour
80gr   Sugar
pinch of salt
90gr   Unsalted butter 
1        Egg

Mix all the ingredients together and knead the pastry till it is smooth. If you overdo this 'knead' step, all the butter will melt away. Just knead it till it is smooth. When the pastry is ready put it in refrigerator with a cling film on the plate for 25 minutes. Let it harden a bit, the size should be increased in size. 

After 25 minutes: preheat the oven on 180 degrees. 

It is now time to put your pastry in the cups, flatten your pastry with a rolling pin. Divide the pastry in twelve pieces and put it in the cups and flatten it. 

Put the pastry in the oven for around 10-12 min on 180 degrees. Now we can start with the Cheese mouse.

The mouse is made of three different kind of cream cheese. Blending the cheese together brings out the wonderful taste of the ingredients.

100ml Milk
40gr   Sugar
100gr Cream cheese
100gr Ricotta cheese
25gr   Parmesan cheese
1        Egg yolk
1 tbsp Vanilla extract


Put the milk, sugar and all the three cheeses in one pan and heat it up til it is all melted. Once it is all melted, let it cool down a bit. Now add the egg yolk and vanilla extract and mix it really fast. Now your Cheese mouse is done and ready to fill the cups! Put the filled cups back in the oven for 8-10 minutes. (180degrees)

There are even a few different kind of ways to eat this tart:

Directions to eat:

Hot; Just out of the oven and ready to eat. Be careful! The cheese still is hot and it melts like the very famous lava cake! *Also can be reheated with an oven.
Warm; Let them cool a bit and eat it while it is still warm. 
Cold; Put them in the refrigerator for at least three hours. The taste will come out stronger and the texture will be smoother. 
Iced; Put them in the freezer, you probably never thought of this but enjoy your iced Cheese Tart! (You will be surprised!)  

I added some cinnamon to decorate but they actually this spice is actually a great plus!

Hope you enjoyed it! Much love, Stephy 

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