Pikachu Instant Cup Noodle


Hello foodies or Pokemon Freakers!
This is for all the Pokemon Freakers, Japan lovers, Foodies aaand of course include little kids!
The packaging is super cute, there is this one with a big Pikachu face. This has the Shoyu (Soy sauce) Taste. The packaging comes with a cute round pikachu sticker! I do not understand why this is in a instant cup noodle.. but overal it is super cute. It's like a souvenir for eating a pikachu noodle!
The other Instant cup noodle has Pikachu all over them! This one is a seafood taste. I definitely like the seafood one more!

Last but not least, this instant noodle also comes with the Pikachu Surimi's!!! WHAT! 

Taste: 6/10  
Look: 9000/10 !!! (Cute level over 9000!)
Bought it at the local toko store in Almere. 

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