LOTTE Koala's March Matcha & Cotton Candy


Koala's March is one of the asian candies every asian kid had had in their childhood. In my childhood there were only two flavours; the chocolate and the strawberry one. I actually love the chocolate one more but always tend to pick the strawberry one. (Because it was pink on the inside!)
I'm going to try these two different flavours. 
The cookies looks like the regular ones; koala printed cookies. The matcha smells exactly like matcha (Dôh). Let's go and do the taste test.
Matcha: smells great but I think the matcha could be much stronger because this taste like a weak matcha latté.
Cotton candy: Nah. Just nah. If no one told me this was cotton candy, I wouldn't know. It doesn't taste extremely sweet or something. To me this was a cookie filled with milk cream and I don't like too much milky things. I expected more from you Koala's March Cotton candy!!!

So did Koala's March always had these tips inside it's package? Well I probably don't know because all I cared about was the cookies inside the package when I was younger. So this is the tip of LOTTE Koala's March. The cotton candy package had one as well but it was Japanese that means I couldn't read it.

Even their barcode is soooo legit! 


Matcha: 6.7 out of 10
Cotton Candy: 4.2 out of 10 
The cotton candy flavour didn't pass because it really doesn't taste like cotton candy. 

Lots of love, Stephy

EN Matcha

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