Popping Candy Smoothy with Red Currant and Mandarines


Being a student is stressful. Especially when exams are around the corner! Long nights of studying, unhealthy food and of course a stock of coffee (or Red bull in my case). With long nights and unhealthy food we lose loads of water and we won't gain enough vitamins. If you are a student or if you can relate to this unhealthy lifestyle, keep on reading because I've a 10 minute detox recipe for you!

As you read it in the title of this post, this is a smoothy containing Red Currant, Mandarines and popping candy! Yes the one we used to had during our childhood, the one thats pops in our mouth! I will tell you exactly why I used these ingredients because I bet you think this is quite weird. "Why would she put popping candy in a smoothy?" The popping candy in my drink wasn't crazily popping, but it did give the effect on your tongue + the sound! Beside that red currant and mandarines are a great source of vitamines they also provide you a refreshing effect.

Ingredients for 1 glass Popping Candy Smoothy
2             Mandarines
125GR     Red currant
4.5GR      Popping Candy
2 Spoons  Orange soda
1 Spoons  Raspberry Syrup


Part 1:
1) Peel your mandarins and blend them til it becomes liquid.
*Additional 1.1) Sift your mandarin liquid (I prefer this because I don't like to much of these lumps)
*Additional 1.2) Freeze in your lumps in a ice cube tray or a plastic bag. (Can be used as ice or as decoration.)

Part 2:
1) Wash your red currants and blend them til it becomes liquid.

2) Sift the liquid to get all the kernels out of it.

Part 3:
1) Put in the mandarin liquid.
*Additional 1.1) Add orange soda.
*Additional 1.2) Add raspberry syrup.
2) Slowly and carefully add in the red currant.
3) Add popping candy on top

And you made your own detox popping drink! Stir before drinking :) 

Lots of love, Stephy

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