Matcha Cake with Chocolate Genache | Rice cooker


Rice, rice, rice. . . COOKER!
I am Chinese and I eat rice almost every day. Since I grew up with eating rice, I couldn't live without a rice cooker. But since rice cookers got new features, it's definitely worth to get one! For example it can even makes cakes without getting burned or sticking to the bottom!!
Read on and I will show you how this cake is made with a rice cooker!
Ingredients for a small round matcha cake:
300GR Pancake mix
200ML Milk
2 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Matcha powder

1) Whisk the eggs and add milk 

2) Mix the matcha powder and pancake mix in a bowl together
3) Mix the eggs and milk mixture with the matcha pancake mixture.

AND you're done! Okay almost done.
4) Put this in the rice cooker bowl and use the dessert function.

And you're done with the cake!

You can decorate your cake the way you want it to be. I did it with chocolate genache, some whipping cream and small decorations!
This easy chocolate matcha cake is heaven! We are getting lazier day by day but cooking is getting easier. Enjoy making this cake and seeee you next time!♡

Much love, Stephy

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