Sweet Potato Tang Yuen


New year, MORE YUMS!
I made/ate these on New year's eve and I had to share it with you. What are tang yuen's? Tang yuen literally means: "Round balls in soup". The original tang yuen is white and served in a sweet dessert soup. We call the sweet dessert soup: "tong sui" literally means sugar water. Tang yuen is a chewy and sweet (or savoury) dessert. The original Tang yuen can be filled with chopped peanuts or ground sesame paste. I only eat them on special occasions but oh, I love them!
Tang yuen is usually eaten together with family. Did you read my post about the meaning of the mooncake? As you might had noticed, both mooncake and tang yuen are round. The roundness symbolises family togetherness. That's why I ate these on new year's eve!
Did you noticed something through all the post last year? Most of my blogpost are usually easy to make or only requires a few ingredients! So is this sweet potato tang yuen. I used the purple and orange sweet potato and a full bag of tapioca flour. Normally Tang yuen are balls made of glutinous rice flour but I made these with tapioca flour. Tapioca flour tend to be more chewy than the glutinous rice flour. The more I look at this picture, the more I think it looks like a dragon ball... 

Lots of love, Stephy

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