Matcha Mile Crepe Cake


Layers, layers and more layers!
I thought this would be an amazing cake for the winter! Let's cover up this cake with layers or matcha pancake and cream!
Laagjes, laagjes en nog meer laagjes!
DE perfecte taart voor in de winter! Deze taart bestaat uit lagen groene thee pannenkoeken en slagroom, dus let's go!
This cake was made from around 26 sheets of pancake and cream between each pancake.

Ingredients for 1 Matcha mile crepe cake:
1 Pancake mix or any pancake recipe 
3 tbsp Matcha Powder
500GR Heavy cream
1) Make your pancake batter as described on the box and add the matcha powder

2) Make your thin pancakes 
3) Let the pancakes cool (I prefer using clingfilm between each pancake but it isn't necessary)
4) Beat the heavy cream til it's stiff and if preferred add one to two teaspoons sugar. 

Let's go to the fun part! *Are your pancakes cooled down completely?*
5) Find a flat plate (that fits into the fridge)
6) Start with piling up your cake and fill cream between each pancake!
7) Put it in the fridge and let it set for at least 4 hours. 

And there you have it!! A mile high Matcha Crepe cake!! 
Enjoy, lots of love, Stephy.

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