Matcha Cream Puff


I've been gone for a while now but I'm back with a stunning recipe! A week ago the matcha cream puff was all over facebook and it got my attention. I had to try it for myself, so I've been experimenting with this croux. It's also quite easy if you're getting the hang of it :)! 

This croux, or let's call it a cream puff since that sounds more cute, this cream puff really ask a lot of patient of you. Especially the top part because I had to pop it back to refrigerate for like five times. It contains a crunchy and crushed matcha top and it is also filled with matcha.

Ingredients for 15 Matcha cream puffs
Part 1: Matcha filling:
300ml Milk
2 Egg Yolks
50g White sugar
10g Corn starch
3 Teaspoon Matcha Powder


1) Mix all the ingredients in a pan and put it on a heat (Keep stirring till it thinkens)
2) Shift it through a sifter to get rid of all clumps
3) Your filling is done, put it in the fridge
Part 2: Craquelin (the green circle on top)

27g Softened unsalted butter
32g White sugar 
32g All-purpose flour (I used low-gluten flour)
2 Teaspoons of matcha powder

1) Mix butter and sugar together
2) Add flour and mix roughly
3) Transfer to a working surface and "fraiser*" 
*French technique to blend the dough with palm of your hand pushing one portion with an outward movement
4) Repeat until it's a well combined dough and add in the matcha powder
5) Place your dough on a parchment paper and place a plastic wrap on top and roll out your Craquelin
6) Refrigerate for at least an hour
Part 3: Cream puff
57g unsalted butter 
120ml water
Pinch of salt
75g all-purpose flour (I used low-gluten flour)
1 White sugar
2 eggs

1) Add butter and water in a pan and bring it to boil
2) Turn of your heat and immediately add in all your dry ingredients and stir it till it becomes a ball
3) Add your eggs one by one 

Final part:
1) Line a parchment paper on your baking sheet
2) Pipe small circles of part 3: Cream puff
3) Make smaller circles of the part2: Craquelin and place in on top of the cream puff dough

Put it in the oven for 20 minutes on 200c
4) Let it cool down and pipe in part 1: Matcha cream mouse!
It's soooo delicious and wish you all a happy easter! 
Much love, Stephy

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